Friday, October 17, 2014

Farewell, Doña Anita

Last night, I got a call from my mom informing me that our grandmother (my dad's mom) has passed away.  She was 101 years old.

I wouldn't be a hypocrite and say that I was very close to my grandmother.  As growing up I only see her on occasion whenever she visits us or when we visit her in the province.  But she was a nice lady.  She loves her grand children and great grand children dearly, and she shows it by showing us with food, drinks and never complain whenever we were rowdy and loud.  She would just smile and laugh at our antics.

Vacations were always great because she never forgets stocking her ref with softdrinks.  Her ref would be full of Coke, Sprite or Royal with a bottle opener tied next to the ref and straws just at arms reach from each other.  She would not complain if we just come barging in and just get as many as we wanted.  How we never get diabetes whenever we're there is a great mystery to me.  But it shows how generous the woman was and how she opens her arms to everyone who needs it.

Even in her last moments her mind was still alert.  Even when she was 100years old she still knows us by name.  She would smile and great us and ask us how we are.

I was never close to my grandmother.  But she was a great woman.  And I will remember her as the devoted wife, loving mother, doting grandmother/great grandmother.

Vacation in Negros will never be the same as entering her soon-to-be empty house would just bring back bitter sweet memories of childhood.

Lola Nita...we will miss you!  Say hi to Lolo Desto for me when you see him again.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Mitchie Chronicles: Pinoy Edition

Up North

Well here I go again. Off to another adventure. This time, I was invited by a good friend and old officemate of mine from my gaming days.

Going here was an adventure on its own.

As my other friends headed out earlier, I was left to go up to La Union on my own. Armed with only the knowledge of what bus destination to ride on and no real idea where I'm going, I left earlier than what I had previously planned in hopes that I get to La Union not very late in the evening...or God forbid, early morning.

My first rough patch.

I thought that I could get a ride at Cubao so I went there thinking that I won't go too far to get that bus ride. Unfortunately for me, 45-minutes and 4 bus terminals later, the Cubao buses don't go up to Laoag. So I had no choice but ride the LRT once more from Cubao and head to España where I was told there was a bus terminal there that have buses going up to Laoag.

Second rough patch.

I reached Pureza and started looking for the ride to get me to España. Got mixed up with which side I was suppose to be on...I went down on the wrong side of the street. Asking around, I got to cross and was on the right street but still no jeeps going to Tayuman. So, my last resort was asking a pedicab driver who willingly took me to the bus terminal.

Third rough patch.

When I finally got there, all the buses were full. Seats were reserved until 10pm. Since I didn't want to leave that late, I started asking around and found that one of their buses was about to leave and were still taking in passengers. The catch though was the seats are in the center isle and the seat itself were kiddy stools.

Desperate to get going, I took that seat.

I was finally on the move.

Thank God for GPS!

Still not knowing where I'm really heading, as this is my first time to go to La Union. I relied upon my phone's GPS system which was amazingly pretty accurate. It even told me the names of the small towns I was passing. So when my friend was asking me where I was, I was able to give him my proper location.

Finally getting there.

I was hungry. I didn't really eat mainly because I might get motion sickness for sitting in the middle of the bus in a very uncomfy seat. So, I just had water and chocolates which I brought with me. So when I was nearing my destination, I was pretty hungry. So, when I told my friend, he said to go down na lang at the first Jollibee in San Fernando. He gave me some land marks to make sure that I know which Jollibee he was talking about. So, I mentioned it to the conductor and driver which they nodded and said, they would drop me off there.

The bastards forgot.

It was a good thing I was paying attention. When I saw the landmarks and the Jollibee store, I already stood up from my stool to get my things so that I can go down. But the bus didn't slow down to a stop and instead continued on its route. I had to tell them that I was going down. So when I finally went down, I had to trudge back a was a bit of a walk.

Entering Jollibee, I knew that that part of my journey was done.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Hating Myself Right Now

Here I go again...back to the drawing board.

How I keep getting myself into this situation is really getting annoying already.  I just wonder why I haven't learned my lesson yet.  What do I have to do to actually get it?  What do I need in my life right now for things to be right?

To quote Christian Grey, "I'm fifty shades of fucked-up."  That's how I really feel at the moment.  Try as I might to actually attempt to step forward, I find myself going three steps back.  I don't really get myself right now and its really driving me crazy (crazier than my usual crazy).

I hate myself right now.  I really do.  I keep going back and forth on the things that I have done and wonder what I have done to deserve this?  Which deity have I offended that I find myself in oblivion wondering how to get out once more?  The fact that I had gotten out of it before and find myself back inside is the one that really irritating.  It's like I haven't learned anything at all!

Am I feeling sorry for myself?  No, not really.  Because I want to kick myself really hard if I could actually manage it.  What I'm feeling right now is the fact that I don't really deserve any form of sympathy the world has to offer me.  Death wouldn't even be a welcome release.  I don't even feel that I deserve that out.

I see Tonnie Seawolf peeking out her hiding place.  My masochist persona is slowly edging her way into the real world.  Maybe a masochistic approach is more appropriate.  Make me feel the burden of what stupidity that I have done and wear it like a badge to remind myself that I am a stupid idiot who deserved what life has to offer her.  Suffering and pain might be a good welcome right now.  After all, I do deserve it.

Am I really angry with myself.  Dwelling on it maybe a very good lesson for me.  Just to make sure that it's already ingrained in my psyche and that I won't ever make that stupid mistake again!

That decision made, I need to open the door and let Tonnie in.  Give her the reigns at the moment and lets see what she can do for me.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Why I Will Never Work For ABS-CBN

This really isn't the type of blog that I would want to write after 3 months of not having to write anything, but I was really so annoyed yesterday that I have to say my piece...whether or not this is an isolated incident for me or others have also experienced this as well.

But before I go start off with my rant, I just want to clarify that I have nothing against the editor-in-chief who had done her part of the bargain of getting me published.  She was nice and very helpful and she has done a great job.  With that I am very grateful to her and she has nothing to do with this.  Just to be clear.

So, on with my rant and reason why I will never again write for ABS-CBN...

Two months ago, I was asked by a friend to write a piece for her magazine.  She gave me two weeks to do so and I have fulfilled all her requests with a couple of days to spare.  I think about a week or so later, I got confirmation that she was indeed using my piece for the magazine.  So, with the knowledge that I will get published in the next issue, I just waited patiently until it went out.  Once it was out, I asked my friend again on how I will get my pay for the piece.  At first she said that I can just email her an authorization letter with a scanned copy of my ID.  That was a tempting offer but I didn't want to bother her to fall in line on my behalf so I just said that I'll get it myself.  I just need to know how to get it.  She gave me the number of her assistant named Tinee and I was corresponding with her.

At first, this Tinee person gave me a landline number which, when I tried calling just kept on ringing.  I tried calling that number for a week but to no avail.  No one was answering that number.  So, I decided to just keep on coordinating with Tinee via text so that I can actually get my pay for the piece I made.  It was around mid-June when she told me that she already gave my name to Finance and that my pay will be ready by end of the month.

Then came yesterday, July 4, 2012.

End of June came and went so I had assumed that my pay was ready.  I did text Tinee one more time to confirm but this time, she didn't answer me.  Thinking that she was busy to answer my text, I headed for ELJ Tower anyway and told myself to just ask the front desk on how to get my pay.  I live in Las Piñas, and the ABS-CBN's ELJ Building is located in Quezon Avenue.  It was more or less a two hour commute from my place with the rain coming and going because of the bad weather.

Going there wasn't the problem.  But I got there around 12nn and upon arriving there, they said that check releasing would not resume until 1:30pm.  I had an hour and a half to kill and with nothing better to do, I just waited it out.

When 1:30pm came, I fell in line with the rest of them who was getting checks.  But when I got to the window and gave my ID, the nice lady at the cashier said that my name wasn't there.  She said to just clear it with ABS-CBN Publishing.

This really annoyed me.

I again texted Tinee that my name isn't with the cashier and that I still didn't get my pay.  But until this very moment, Tinee has not answered me.  I tried calling again the land line that she gave me before but still to no avail...the phone kept on ringing.

I don't really want to bother my friend who was kind enough to invite me to write for I just opted to write this piece.

So yes, until today I am still a bit annoyed.  This has never happened to me before.  I had experience working for other publishing companies and they have never made me wait for my pay.  When I was writing for DC Kids magazine, all I needed to do was wait for the magazines to get published and the editor will email the lot of us to meet him in SM Megamall for our pay and complimentary copies of the magazine where we wrote.  With all I needed to do was write for them, hope I don't get any revisions, wait for the others in my group to finish their assignment and the pay will automatically be deposited in our back accounts.

I do not see the reason why I have to pass through the eye of a needle to get a measly 500bucks for an article that has been out for almost a month already and I don't even get a complimentary copy. (For an article that's 800words long, I'm pegging that my pay for that piece would be at least around 500bucks...hoping more but I highly doubt.)  Now for 500bucks, some people would just laugh at me and wonder why I'm making such a big deal out of this.  Let's just say it's the principle of the thing.  I have done a job and it was good enough so I expect to get compensated for it.  I do deserve it for crying out loud!  I'm trying to make a decent living here and them not giving me what's rightfully mine is really infuriating.  What irks me is not the long commute that I had done that day but the money I had spent just to go there and come out empty handed!  I mean, if you tell someone it will be ready by end of the month it should be there already!

Is ABS-CBN hard on money right now that the pay of freelance writers like me takes a back seat?  Or does other writers have the same experience as me and they just decide not to get the money that they deserve thinking that it's only 500bucks?  Either way, it's really bad form for ABS-CBN Publishing.  How hard is it to flip through the pages of their magazine to see the name of the people who wrote there so that they can write a check for the job that was done?

Now, I'm just thinking of counting it as a loss on my part.  Since this Tinee person has already ignored my texts, I will be assuming that she's ignoring me permanently.  And the phone number that she gave me still keeps on ringing with no one answering.  So I'll just stop now and just peg it as a loss.  I don't want to give myself the headache of not getting my pay even if I really need the money right now.  I do not want to go through the motion of going all the way to that office again and come up empty handed once more.

I just have to remember that this will be the first and last time I will write for ABS-CBN Publishing and any future articles that my friend would want to request for me to do, I'll just politely decline.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I Just Have To Say May Piece

I heard a cousin of mine will be hosting a radio show.  The very first discussion that he will be dealing with is the issue of transgenders joining the Ms. Universe pageant.

When I voiced out my opinion that he should have been more concern of the pine tree cutting incident in Baguio, he answered "Environment concern has been tops in Albay for seveal years already. We have made measures in order to lessen the impact of climate change. We are tops on that department. Also, Baguio City is too far from bikol such that their concern is not much felt by the people in Albay."

Now, here's my opinion about that.  Just because it's far away from your Region it doesn't mean that it will not affect it.  Climate change is a global phenomenon and just because the damage is concentrated in one area doesn't mean that it will not affect the planet as a whole.  The ozone layer is thinning in Antarctica (correct me if I'm wrong about the location) but the effects of it is felt world wide.  Polar icecaps are melting there as well and we are feeling the effects of it by the drastic changes of the weather.

To say that it is not a concern very much just because it's far away is just wrong.  Granted that Albay has the environment on top priority doesn't really mean that they shouldn't be concern with the issue.  It should be a constant reminder to everyone that our planet is dying and that we should really be aware of it.  Do you have to wait for Henry Sy to actually build an SM Mall in Albay and cut down hundred year old trees for it to be a concern?  It shouldn't, right?  It should be a constant reminder to everyone that our planet is dying and that we have to be always aware that we need to save it even with the littlest things that we do.  Why should the issue of transgenders in the Ms. Universe pageant be a priority?  Would it save the environment if we voice out our opinions with it?  Would it really affect everyone that a man won a beauty pageant?  It's good for discussion, a worthy topic for a debate even, but after that, then what?  Did it really help the world in general?

So, I have said my piece.  I will want no further argument or discussion after I post this.  I know that come May 5 (since I will see them then), I will get it from my cousins and being good lawyers that they are, I will not be able to argue my way out of this hole that I dug myself in.

But on a good note, I do wish my cousin good luck and hope there will be good discussions on his radio show tomorrow, even if to me, tomorrow's discussion is just superficial.