Wednesday, January 04, 2017

And The Argument Continues...

This was actually during that time when I was writing the bike scene for my WattPad story "My Heart is Yours". So this was what happened between me and my Muse that night...

I was happily typing out the chapter about the bike ride when suddenly, the scene changes in my mind. I was taken aback, the scene in my head right now is two chapters in the future...

"What the?" I said and looked around to find my muse smiling at me.

"That scene is nice right?" She mused. "It would be the perfect ending for your book one before the fast forward scenes on the next arc!"

I let out a huge sigh and looked at her, "that's all well and good Muse but I need to finish the bike ride scene and the scene after that. I can't use this. Not yet."

"But it's a good scene!"

"It is!" I exclaimed. "But we can't go there yet without the bike ride scene!"

"But it's fluffy."

"I need the fluff," I said in an exasperated tone. "Especially with that scene you just showed me. Fluff is important too."

"How important?" She asked, her arms crossed on her chest and raised her eyebrows in question.

"Important enough to tell you that there's a jar of Maltesers in the crisper with your name on it."

She cautiously looked at me and inched her way to the personal ref in my room.

"You have a ref magnet of Alden Richards?" My Muse inquired looking curiously at the bedimpled boy stuck on my ref.

"It was part of the package when I bought his album," I shrugged. "It also comes with a signed post card, see?"

I pointed on the cork board on the wall that I'm facing. She took the jar of Maltesers from my ref and walked the small distance towards me, checking out the post card. While chewing on the chocolates and staring at the post card some more she gave a contented sigh. If it was for the chocolates of the pictures, I was not sure. But she tapped me on the shoulder and the DVD player in my heard started again, with the bike scene that I so desperately want to finish.

"Thank you," I said as I started typing again.

"You're lucky the Maltesers are good."

I smiled inspite of myself.

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